The bloods spread far across LA, most blood neighbourhoods are bordered by rivaling crip gangs. From Compton all the way to Rosewood, here is a list of every single Blood/Piru Set in the Los Angelas County.

Every Active Blood Set in Los Angelas


  • Center View Piru
  • Cales Park Loks
  • Cabbage Patch Piru
  • Samoan Warrior Bounty Hunters
  • Scotts Dale Piru
  • West Side Piru



  • 92 Bishop Bloods


  • Harthone Piru


  • Avenue Piru Gang
  • Center Park Blood
  • Centinela Park Family
  • Crewnshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods
  • Inglewood Family Gang
  • Neighbor Hood Piru
  • Queen Street Blood
  • Weirdos Blood

Los Angeles

  • All for Crime
  • Be-Bopp Watts
  • Black P Stones-City
  • Black P Stones-Jungles
  • Blood Stone 30s Pirus
  • Blood Stone Villains
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Circle City Piru
  • Denver Lane Bloods
  • East Site Pain
  • Family Swan Bloods
  • Fruit Town Brims
  • Hacienda Village Bloods
  • Harvard Park Brims, 62
  • Mad Swan Bloods
  • Miller Gangster Bloods
  • Nieghbor Hood Rollin 20s
  • Outlaw 20s
  • Pacoima Pirus
  • Pueblo Bishop Bloods
  • Rollin 50s Brim
  • Van Ness Gangsters
  • Water Front Pirus



  • Pasadena Denver Lanes
  • Pasadena Squiggley Lanes
  • Project Gangster Bloods


  • 456 Island Piru


  • 135 Pirus
  • Athens Park Bloods
  • Campenella Park Pirus

West Covina

  • West Covina Mob Piru

These are currently all the active Blood Sets in Los Angeles. The list is very extensive, but it is a lot smaller than it was back in the early stages of gang banging.

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