Denver Lane Bloods

Another one of the oldest Blood Gangs, the Denver Lane Bloods are a notorious blood gang located on the west side of South Los Angeles, California.

As mentioned the DLB are one of the oldest gangs in LA. They were founded in 1970, at this time they were not affiliated under the Blood gang alliance. They took on the blood name, when the Crip movement started to grow.

Like many other Blood Gangs, the Denver Lanes are named after a street, Denver Ave, which is located between Hoover and Figueroa.


Vermont Vista Neighborhood is what the Denver Lane Bloods claim, this hood streches from 105th street to 120th street between Vermont and grand avenues.

Denver Lanes share the same turf with South Los 13, which is a Mexican street gang, who beef with the Florencia 13. The 110 freeway is what seperates the Denver Lanes, Broadway Gangster Crips and the 118 East Cost Blocc Crips.

The Denver Lanes have a subset which is located in Pasadena, they are known as the Pasadena Denver Lanes, which formed another subset in Altadena, who are known as the Altadena Denver Lanes.


A popular rap group in the 90s made the Denver Lanes more notorious. The group was called the Damu Ridas, they were made up from real Blood members from South Central, Inglewood and Watts.


  • Crenshaw Mafia Bloods, which is one of their longest allies.
  • Pasadena Denver Lanes, which is their subset in Pasadena.
  • Athens Park Bloods
  • Harvard Park Brims
  • Blood Stone Villians
  • Weirdoz Gangster Bloods


  • Hoover Criminals Gang, is their main rivals.
  • 92 Hoovers
  • 94 Hoovers
  • 107 Hoovers
  • 112 Hoovers
  • 120 Raymond Avenue Crips, which is their long time enemies and longest standing beef.
  • 112 Broadway Gangster Crips
  • Hustler Crips
  • East Coast Crips
  • Neighborhood Crips
  • Inglewood Neighborhood Pirus
  • Campenella Park Piru

The Denver lanes beef with both crip and blood sets.