Fruit Town Pirus

Fruit Town Piru

The Fruit Town Pirus are another street gang based in Compton, California. Most of the members of the Fruit Town Pirus are african american like most other gangs in Los Angeles.

The name Fruit Town comes from the streets in the neighborhood, for example, there is Plum Street, Cherry Street, Peach Street, Pear Street, and Fig Street.


The Fruit Town Pirus turf streteches from Stockwell Street to Rosecrans Avenue, and between Willowbrook Ave and Wilmington Ave.

The Douglas Apartments is considered to be one of the main hangouts of the Fruit Town Pirus.


The Rapper Compton Menace, who played a small in the blockbuster hit, Straight Outta Compton, the story of N.W.A, is a member of the Fruit Town Pirus. Compton Menace also has ties with the Rapper, The Game, who is a member of the Cedar Block Pirus.

There was also a ton of confusion, about Soulja Boy repping the Fruit Town Pirus, he made a video of himself calling out RNB singer, both of them were claiming they were bloods. The Fruit Town Pirus called both of them out saying they were both fakes and liars. Nothing really came about the situation however.


Fruit Town Brims

Cedar Block Pirus

Campanella Park Piru

145 Neighborhood Piru

West Side Piru

Skyline Piru

151 Piru


Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats

Original Front Hood Compton Crips

Tree Top Piru

Carver Park Compton Crips

Park Village Compton Crips

Mob Piru