Mob Piru

The infamous Mob Piru Gang or the East side Mob, are another Blood gang residing in Los Angeles, California. It is a mainly black gang.


MPG is located on the east side of Compton, their turf is on the east side of Long Beach Blvd and south of the 105. Its also around Rosecrans Avenue, and between North Bullis Road and Atlantic, they also run the Compton Fashion Mall area (Compton Swapmeet).


The Mob Piru Gang gained a lot of notoriety through being affiliated with Suge Knight in the 1990s. At this time Suge was was one of the front runners of the Gangster Rap movement. Suge was one of the CEO’s of Death Row Records, he was known to hire members of the Mob and security for Death Row artists.

It is believed that this relationship provided the gang with a lot of rifles, this in turn made the drug running, and other crimes possible.

There was also a big sting operation that arrested 24 Mob Piru members, this include a bunch of gun seizures and narcotics.


  • Leuders Park Piru
  • Elm Street Pirus
  • Holly Hood Pirus


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