YG talks Blood Gang Sayings

Before he was famous, YG was still claiming Tree Top Piru. He has been burning up the charts with his gangster rap songs, and songs of gang life and culture.

Here in this interview he is talking about blood sayings on the West Coast.

For those of you who don’t know who YG is here is some background info.

Born as Keenon Daequan Jacon, known by his stage name as YG. Born and raised in Compton, California.

He has not tried to hide his affiliation with the Bloods and he claims his set on most of his records.

YG isn’t a fake studio gangster like what a lot of rappers claim to be, he is the real deal. In one interview Suge Knight even attests to YG as being a real gangster, and putting the West Coast back on the map. Suge Knight also has a tie to the blood sets.

This video is a great resource for more knowing the inner workings for the gang, and provides a lot of Blood gang knowledge.


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