Blood Gang Signs

blood gang signs

When it comes to learning about blood knowledge and culture it is important to learn and study each aspect of the gang. This includes learning about the Blood gang signs or as others might call it “stacking”.

Stacking is a common term used for throwing up gang signs. It involves spelling out your sets name or even having full conversations almost in a sort of sign language. It can get very complex for some gangs, and only the hardcore gang bangers will know and understand this.

b takes months of repetition and learning to figure this out, but here is an insight into Blood gang signs and the meanings behind it.

The gang signs that members of the Bloods or Pirus throw up includes a small letter “b”. ┬áThis can be thrown up with either your left or right hand.

Other gang signs include “CK” meaning “Crip Killer” or “Crab Killer”. The crips are the bloods rivals and one of the ways they call a crip, are crabs.

An uppercase “B” can also be formed with either left or right hand.

The entire word “blood” can also be formed with your fingers.

Depending on the actual gang you are from, will determine what you throw up, but these are the most common types of blood gang signs and stacks.

A warning for non blood gang members, if you dont want to get shot or beat-up do not attempt to throw these gang signs up. Although you may think its fun and games by tossing up a B or posing in pictures with it. Actual blood gang members find it offensive and take is as disrespect. So be smart and dont go throwing up blood gang signs because you think it is cool. It might get you shot and beaten up.