Blood Initiation: how to join the bloods

blood initiationTo join any type of gang you must prove yourself worthy of joining the gang. With the Bloods it is no different. All blood members must complete a task to get initiated into the gang.

There are tons of different things any member can do, and it can range from different types of crimes or beatings.

In this article we are going to discuss the most popular Blood initiations that members have to do to join the bloods.

Popular Blood Gang Initiations

As mentioned earlier, the initiation can range from a variety of different things, here is our list of the most popular ones.

The Beatdown

The beatdown can go a lot of different ways. One of the most common forms is surviving a beat down from 2 existing members for an allotted time. I have heard of times where prospects have to survive a beat down from 10 members for 30 seconds. I have also heard of beat downs where you fight other prospects. It can happen multiple ways, just know that the future member is going to get their ass kicked.


prospective gang members can be sent on various missions to get initiated into the bloods. This can involve anything from petty crimes like breaking or entering, or it can involve murdering someone from a rival gang. It may even involve doing a bunch of missions, just to prove loyalty and to prove you are down for the gang.


For female members who want to join the Bloods, it is slightly different.

They are also asked to perform the above tasks, but they can also be asked to have sex with members of the gang to be initiated.

This sex act can involve be gang banged by multiple gang members, this proves your toughness and how hardcore you are.