Top Facts about the Hells Angel outlaw Motorcycle Club

Hells Angels MC History

Hells Angels HistoryThe Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle club AKA the HAMC, the 81, or H.A, or Red & White are the biggest and most notorious MCs in the world. The members of the Hells Angels usually ride Harley- Davidsons and the club is mostly white males, but there are members that aren’t white.

They are a well orchestrated and very organized crime syndicate, with members reaching most parts of the world. In the USA and in Canada, they are actually a corporation and are 100% about their business.

Who started the Hells Angels

On March 17 of 1948 the HAMC was started, it was formed by the Bishop family and Ottio Fredili, all veterans of World War II. The clubs name was actually based off of a World War II squadron called the “Flying Tigers’ Hells Angels”. Even though they claim the outlaw lifestyle, the Hells Angels deny they were poor soldiers.

Early Chapters of the MC were started in San Francisco, Fontana, Oakland and Gardena.

In the 1960s is when the club become part of the counterculture movement in San Francisco.

Famous Hells Angels Members

famous hells angels membersBelow are some of the most famous Hells Angels members of all time.

Sonny Barger

Sonny is one of the founding members of the Oakland Chapter, he is featured in one of the most popular motorcycle club books of all the time, “Hells Angels: The strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw motorcycle gangs”.

Sonny has written many books himself, and has been featured in tv shows and in movies.

David Labrava

David is most famous for his role as Happy on the hit TV show “Sons of Anarchy”. David didn’t just play a role on the series but he also was hired on as a technical adviser to help depict the outlaw MC life as accurately as possible.

Chuck Zito

Charles or Chuck Zito, Jr was also an actor on SOA, but has done other shows like Oz.

Chuck is actually a former president of the HA, his presidency was in the New York Nomads of the Hells Angels.

Aside from club business, he was a bodyguard, stuntman and boxing trainer, and in 1998 knocked out Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Rusty Coones

Another actor from the Sons of Anarchy tv show, is Rusty Coones, he plaed the Nomad President Quinn.

Rusty Coones founded the Hells Angels Orange County Chapter and was also the pres for the San Fernando Valley Chapter.

Hells Angels President

The leader of the Hells Angels is said to be Sonny Barger. Since the club is deep in numbers each chapter has its own president however, Sonny is said to be the national president in the United states.

Hells Angels Member List

There is no way to list each member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club as it is too large and there is no way to track actual members.

Hells Angels Signs, Patches and the Meanings

HAMC patches and logo

Hells Angels Motto

“Angels forever, forever angels”, “When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets”

Hells Angels Patch Meanings

Like most biker gangs, the Hells Angels have multiple different patches that mean different things.

The Hells Angels patches that are only used by them are their top rocker, which shows the “Hells Angels” name, the Hells Angel Logo, which is the “Deaths Head”, the official colors of the HAMC are red and white, and the logos will often be red and white.

Non club members that support the HA wear “Support 81” or “route 81” the 81 represents the letter of H and A in the alphabet.

Some HA members also wear a AFFA patch that means, Angels forever, forever angels, pretty much stating that you are an HA till death.

Hells Angels Charters

At this point in time, there are way to many to list in this post, but there is an HAMC in almost all continents on earth.

Click here for a full list of the Hells Angels Charters.

Hells Angels Codes, and Rules and Requirments

The Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Club dont have any special requirements to join the club, you dont have to do a set amount of things to get in but you do have to prove yourself. Here is what most MCs look for in a member that wants to get patched into the club.

Hells Angels Enemies

The HAMC have a long list of enemies and friends, this list varies from chapter to chapter. For now here is a list of Hells Angels enemies.

  • Vagos MC
  • Sons of Silence MC
  • Rock Machine MC
  • Road Rats MC
  • Outlaws MC
  • Black Pistons MC
  • Notorious MC
  • Mongols MC
  • Iron Order MC
  • Gremium MC
  • Breed MC

Hells Angels Allies

  • 69ers MC are allies.
  • Chieftains MC are allies.
  • Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC are allies.
  • Coffin Cheaters MC are allies.
  • Devils Breed MC are allies.
  • Devils Diciples MC are allies.
  • El Forastero MC are allies.
  • Forbidden Wheels MC are allies.
  • Freewheelers MC are allies.
  • Galloping Goose MC are allies.
  • Head Hunters MC are allies.
  • Hessians MC are allies according to a 1991 Department of Justice report which stated that there
  • were business dealings between the clubs.
  • Iron Horsemen MC are allies.
  • Jus Brothers MC are allies.
  • Outsider MC are allies.
  • Renegades MC are allies.
  • Satans Soldiers MC are allies.
  • Solo Angeles Club de Motocicletas / Solo Angels MC are allies.